We successfully went on our first vacation last year to Orlando. My 3 year old son, allergic to peanut, hazelnut, dairy, egg, sesame and banana actually got on a plane! We were so stressed, but we didn’t have a single incident the whole trip!

We flew Air Transat and the staff were amazing. We already knew that they didn’t serve peanuts on the flights. The staff made an announcement to the whole plane (it still brings me to tears thinking about it)…we chose to only tell them about the peanuts because we feel when you have a list of allergies this long, people stop listening and/or don’t believe you…so they announced that there was a boy allergic to peanuts on the plane and to politely not open peanut products during the flight to ensure a safe arrival for everyone. They were so professional and checked on us throughout the flight. The plane was clean and we didn’t even wipe the seats and he didn’t get any hives or anything (which shocked us because he gets hives all the time). We would definitely fly Air Transat again.

We brought his favorite snacks with us in our luggage and stayed in a condo that had a full kitchen. It was a Time Share Resort about 10 minutes away from Magic Kingdom. We shopped at Publix and Target and were able to find the products we needed. My son is a super picky eater and even though we made all of his meals exactly as we do at home, we had a hard time getting him to eat anything other than cookies and rice krispy squares! In the condo, we washed everything we used for my son before using it and washed down the high chair, table etc. We had no problems other than a few extra dishes! We brought our own scrub brushes to use for his dishes for the week. We took a lot of precautions to avoid any kind of incidents.

We did 2 days at Disney and we had heard that there were many safe places to dine in the park, but because he was being so picky we decided to just pack his lunch/snacks and it wasn’t worth it to spend the time/stress ordering at a restaurant. The bonus to Disney is you can bring ANY food/drinks you want to in to the park. So if you’re looking for advice on how to dine at Disney with food allergies, I would not be the person to talk to! We chickened out! BUT, I learned after the fact that there is a travel agent specifically for food allergic families Pixie Lizzie – Disney Food Allergy Travel Agent. I would definitely use her to book future trips to Disney.

Would love to hear from others where they have travelled or successes they had at Disney too!