Welcome to Food Allergy Support Durham

Welcome! Food Allergy Support Durham is a local learning and support group for individuals and parents of children living with life threatening allergies who live in Durham, Ontario.

About Food Allergy Support Durham

My name is Adele and I started this group in January 2016. My 4 year old son has severe allergies to peanuts, walnuts, pecans, sesame, banana and unbaked dairy and egg. Our journey started when he was just a baby and we had our first allergist appointment at just 6 months old.  4 years later and we’re still learning as we go.

A huge difference in my life as a mom of a food allergic kid and the inspiration to start this group was the discovery of the Toronto Food Allergy Education and Support Group. By attending those meetings I have met friends going through similar experiences who I can chat with and know that they truly get it. These friendships have been invaluable to me. My goal in starting this group was to set up an outlet for parents to meet and have support from other families going through similar experiences within their local community, here in Durham.

Connecting with Food Allergy Support Durham

  • Facebook – Our private facebook group is where members post questions, have discussions and seek support on a variety of issues related to living with food allergies. It is a great way to communicate with other allergy families here in Durham. This is our most popular form of communication.
  • In-Person – Food Allergy Support Durham hosts 4-5 meetings a year. To learn more about upcoming and previous meetings visit Meetings & Events.
  • Email – if you don’t have facebook, but would like to keep in the know about upcoming meetings and events, please email info@FASDurham.com to be added to our communications list.
  • Explore FASDurham.com Categories to Browse for more information on popular allergy topics and links to many useful allergy websites.

Food Allergy Support Durham is proudly recognized by Food Allergy Canada .